Keeping sausages, cooked meats and eggs in pockets

Whenever I go out I bring ziplock plastic bags of meat in my pockets, IIN? It's in case I get hungry and I don't feel other types of food are good in a survival type situation.

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  • For a second, I thought the food wasn't in bags, but I still don't think it's normal anyway.

    Your concern about survival and suddenly being hungry strikes me as a little strange, but I'm not judging since I'm definitely a believer in "better safe than sorry".

    However, what doesn't make sense to me is bringing along fresh food that should be refridgerated, instead of less perishable, more warm-pocket-friendly foods like granola bars or jerky.

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  • "Good in a survival type situation"

    Unless you are Bear Grylls, stranded, and have to drink your own piss in the desert to survive, I see no reason to do this. Think about it, when have you ever been anywhere that had no place to eat within a few miles?! Probably never.

    Even if you are on a highway somewhere, there will be a stop within the next 20-50 miles... Doubt you'll die from starvation in that time.

    Also I believe you would have a very bacony/ breakfast smell... make people hungry whenever you walk by XD

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  • This sounds like a viable and good idea however I’d personally pick a non-perishable food. Well not one that requires heating and/or cooling such as meat.

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  • I bet you smell meaty.

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  • a fanny pack or small backpack doesnt cost much so you could store it in there rather than pockets

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  • Nice, just thinking of them makes me hungry.

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  • For a second I though they WERENT in bags. Although the eggs make it weird because it’s delicate.

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