Keep waking up in middle of night

Ever since around the age of 26, I have been completely unable to stay asleep the entire night. On a good night, I will wake up only once. On a bad night, four or five times. I usually fall back asleep quickly. But it's been like this for years and I haven't made it through the whole night more than two or three times.

I've seen multiple doctors and their tests were all inconclusive. They gave me multiple types of medicine but none helped. I've read multiple articles and even books about good sleep habits and they don't help either. I've played with every variable I can think of and nothing helps.

So, is this normal, or do I have something to worry about?

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  • What do you do before going to bed? It's hard to answer without knowing one's lifestyle.

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  • Well, insomnia comes in varying degrees and forms. Trouble falling asleep also counts just like the more common trouble getting to sleep.

    I have insomnia, and I take medication every night to to both fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Of course, that may or may not be what you have. It's safe to not jump to conclusions- especially since we haven't ruled out your lifestyle yet like Keepsake said. Do you eat late? Do you fall asleep at different times each night (this can mess with your bio-clock if the difference in times is large enough)?

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