Just a random question .

I watch outdaughtered and it made me think, how come quints or twins or anyone one born on the same day don't have the same personality as each other but yet have the same horoscope.

Horoscopes say if your such n such your personality is outgoing but someone born as that horoscope isn't outgoing.

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  • Personality is combination of environmental and genetic traits. It has nothing to do with what time of year you were born with.

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  • Technically, horoscopes are far more detailed than the standard 12 zodiac signs they print in magazines and whatnot. It involves calculations based on your exact time and precise location of birth.

    That being said, it's still a load of shite.

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  • People who believe in horoscopes pick out the part they think applies to them and don't understand how the human brain deceives itself. They are usually very un-self-aware despite claiming to be the opposite, and can never be fully trusted.

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  • We just get our basic personality..
    Other things depends on birth chart.

    Isn't it cool two persons with same time and day are different.

    I'm more like respective and loving with innocents and other is bully and troll

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  • Because horoscopes aren't accurate.

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  • Is this a joke? Do you also believe in fortune cookies?

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  • Is this a joke? Do you also believe in fortune cookies?

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    • I believe in yhu sucking 🗣DICK


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  • I read up on Chinese astrology.
    At times it did seem very accurate.
    But, we see what we want to see.
    I liked my horoscopes, till I met a girl that should have been my twin.
    Same exact birthdays.
    day, date, month, and year.
    She was an irritating lazy bitch.
    Everything Im not.
    That proved to me, horoscopes are a waste of my attention.

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  • Astrologers will find some justification; the most likely being that no two individuals emerge from the birth canal at exactly the same moment. But if they went for that "explanation", it would just demonstrate the fundamental absurdity of astrology: what precisely is so mystically powerful about sticking your head out of a woman's vagina that the precise moment you do that determines your personality and the course of the rest of your life? Is it actually true that which twin happens to end up at the front of the line in the uterus makes a massive difference in their personality and life-experience? If it was possible to go back in a time machine and nudge the other twin into a position where they would be born first, would they really not be the same person they were the first time around?

    Astrology is a huge load of hooey. It developed as a result of people having a desperate need to believe that there's some pattern to their life, that it's possible to control what happens to us if we have advance knowledge of events, and that there's more to life than what we see on the surface.

    I spent some time years ago reading serious astrology texts, and I came to the conclusion that it's all word-salad dressed up with some pseudo-mathematics to baffle the hoi polloi.

    There have been scientific studies into the validity of astrology, and the only thing they found is a weak connection between some character traits and what season of the year the person was born in. So, for example, a more generally optimistic view of life might weakly correlate to being born in mid-summer. The kicker is that this correlation clearly had nothing to do with the relative positions of the planets and constellations. The study looked at people in both northern and southern hemispheres, and mid-summer is 21 June in the northern hemisphere while it's 21 December in the southern hemisphere.

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  • Astrology, like politics and any religion, are entertainment.

    Yeah there is some truth to them but not enough to take it too serious.

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  • It's all bull. I'm aquarius and my personality just happens to match up with it. Purely a cawinkidink

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