Jesus of Nazareth

Will there ever be proof of the greatest man who ever lived, the Great Messiah, Jesus Christ? You can comment if you choose, I won't be participating I just want a simple yes or no.

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  • Jesus the man existed (by consensus of historians) but there's no way to prove his alleged divinity. So a breakthrough find of physical evidence does nothing but confirm that there was indeed some hippy freethinker named Jesus who had a cult following two millennia ago. And even that isn't unique: there were other such people also operating in the same geographical area at the time.

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  • Religion is a load of crap biggest conspiracy ever I'm more likely to believe in aliens

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  • I'm sure he was one of many... Just a bloke with ideas like thousands of others.. He just got a bit more famous than most. I bet if you could time-travel back and tell him what people would invent in his name after he died he'd never believe you!

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  • So far there's no proof he even existed except for stories written by others after he supposedly lived and died. No contemporary reports of his existence have ever been located.

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  • For starters, time travel is impossible.

    secondly, god does NOT answer prayers and miracles are nothing more than a state of mind.

    I am more than happy to debate this or any other issue when it comes to the son of god.

    Gee, what time is it. #rhetorical.

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