Jackin off

I jack off atleast 3 times a day every day. I started doing it because I wanted pussy so bad but dont have the guts to go and get it and now I just do it because im bored. Is this normal? Oh ya and my dick is starting to get sores on it from using it so much I have ripped the skin on the bottom of the head many times but that still wont stop me. I already jacked my self 2 times today and might do it 1 or 2 more times.

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  • i kinda had the same thing, got to the point where i was jackin maybe 4-5 times in a day, most times just for something to do.
    then i started to get a dull ache in my balls and knew i had to stop, it was hard but i feel better for it now.
    i just deleted all the porn from my computer and rather than stop outright i cut down lol, jacking once in the morning and once at night, now i go days without even thinking about it.

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  • I jack off 4-5 times daily. To avoid sores, use lube.

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  • use some lubricant and the skin thing wont happen

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  • your not gonna die from some inner engery crap
    the reason sammon die from ejaculation is because they swim up a f*cking mountain then ejaculate
    thats why the die there exhausted
    there also meant to die to provide adiquit food for the next generation its like the ultimate sacrifice other wise they wouldnt be enough food for the young

    the only probelm here is your gonna get used to cuming all the time, you'll come quicker and quicker and when you finally get a girl
    you'll last like 2 seconds
    literally pump pump squirt
    dont make a fool out of your self son try cutting down

    as for the blokes who say they jack off like 3 times a day grow up will you your meant to be a man
    get a girl you sad F*cks

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  • The reason you can't help but "Jack off" all the time is because you have an enormous amount of built up sexual tension. You need to look at getting "some pussy" or if that is not possible look at differnt masturbation techniques which provide a new experience rather than stciking to what has come to be almost routine for you.

    Good Luck Man - don't worry it will all work out eventually just be patient!!!

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  • "My confession" is pretty sad story too!

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  • totally normal...i whack off about 7 times a day...i dont care what people say...i just like the feeling...im 9 years old and i cant even cum yet.

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  • dont go dry retard

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  • masterbation does not kill or hurt you. dont listen to wierd energ of the inner body crap.

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  • ^^^^^^^^^ **Same***

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  • to help u with ur skin problem it means it growing and im guessing your around the age of puberty. a snake sheds its skin when its grows. some thing just a trouser snake

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  • leave your dick alone!

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  • Congratulations m8 youre well on your way to the hospital for severe dihydration and protein deficiency, just find a hobbie and leave your penis alone from time to time.

    Peace jah bless

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  • I may seem like a broken record, but masturbation is energy suicide man, look up "Kundalini energy".

    Like the Salmons, they die after ejaculation.

    We also die, but slower...

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    • -
    • "energy suicide?" so is making stupid posts on websites like this. Eat an apple and its all better. pfft.

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  • Get a pockett pussy that will probly ware you down a little more humping it so you wont have the energy to jack your dick 3 or 4 times a day.

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