Its hard to tell how old fat people are

When I see a fat man he could be 25 or 45. If he hasnt balded at all you can never tell. The fat hides wrinkles. There's too much fat to crack the skin and they look young.

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  • Cut them in half & count the rings.

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  • I don't find it hard at all. If they're fat and been trying to get through the same door for the last 2 or 3 years, then the marks on floor will give it away. If they need a pickup truck to haul ass then look at the year of the truck.

    See to me, to be considered really fat you have to be really, really, obese. Some are just pleasingly plump.

    Really obese people normally don't live long, so they're all young.

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  • The only way I've been able to tell is ask how many twinkies they've consumed in their lifetime and then multiply that. You dont want to just outright ask their age thats rude.

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  • The amount of fatphobia here is terrible. Fat people are people.

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  • i find it hard to tell anyones age, as each person ages at a different rate and some who are 60 still look in the late 40's and some in their 20's look a lot older.

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  • It's hard in general to tell how old a person is - regardless of degree (or lack of) fitness.

    Someone who has taken care of themselves often looks 10 - 30 years younger (depending on their age - the older they are the more that the apparent age difference can be).

    Someone who has abused their body or with certain health issues often looks decades older than they are.

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  • Not really that hard to figure out how old someone is.

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    • I go by posture and skin flexibility. Young people who are fat have skin that is still relatively taught. Older people lose that flexibility and it's more flabby.

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