Itchy Hole

My butt has been very itchy the past week. Can't stop itching. Is it normal to have a dry itch in that area?

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  • I agree with TheBigWanker.

    There are so many things that could cause this sort of thing, including drying soaps, some medications, and irritation caused by loose bowel movements. Meanwhile, the advice above regarding cleanliness, proper undergarments, and providing ample ventilation should help. And see your doc if it doesn't get better, of course.

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  • try wiping your butt with a warm wash washcloth.
    you could have some left over residue in there.

    jesus christ peoplee!!

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  • Holy shit! What are you guys trying to do!!???

    Anal itching is one of the most common symptoms going!!!

    You've probably got this poor kid all freaked out!

    Yes, herpes COULD be a cause but so can an anal fissure, hemorrhoids, antibiotic use, diabetes and a host of other minor problems!

    Granted an AIDS patient can get a yeast infection of the anus, BUT so can someone with diabetes or someone who has recently been taking antibiotics.

    Alcohol can also cause this.

    Poster, don't freak out. Wait another week to see if it stops. In the meantime wash your crack NORMALLY each day. Make sure it's dry after bathing. Use a mild body powder if you like. Wear boxers not briefs. No tight pants.

    My God. Mention anal itching and right away you guys can only come up with HIV and herpes. Jeeez.

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    • As you say it COULD be any manner of thing. However, no matter WHAT it is, a full sexual check up will most certainly pin point it AND hasten the cure!

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    • TRUE. all u need to do is apply vasiline there for a couple days and it should go away.

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    • i'm pretty sure an anal fissure, hemorrhoids, antibiotic use, and diabetes are not a "host of other minor problems"

      in fact, diabetes is extemely not minor and is very deadly.

      i cannot believe you just said diabetes was a minor problem

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  • Sometimes my butt gets like that, but only for a minute.

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  • just take a shower man. if your ass hole itches it means its dirty so clean that shit and the itch will go away.

    this might sound gross but put A and D ointment in your ass. it will soothe it and make it not itch.

    good luck man i hope your ass hole feels better.

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  • you could have pinworms to see if you do just stick a piece of tape on your bottom and in the morning check for worms dont worry if you do it is veryyy common.I hope this helps if not just search more about pinworms on the internet.

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  • Aids.

    No, I'm kidding, mine itched the other day like literally nothing else. Gah that sucked. Shower and clean it more. If that doesn't help, get it checked by getting a colonoscopomy (sp?) where they shove that thing up your butt. Either they'll tell you what's wrong or nothing's wrong and you're getting that damn itch scratched. Win win.

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  • Wip your butt when you go shit, and clean your butt in the shower.

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  • JEEZ.
    it's MOST LIKELY
    just a case of pinworms.
    have you been working around kids?

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  • ok, it could be any number of things. first off, have you been eating a lot of spicy food or changed your diet recently? have you been drinking enough water? have you changed your soap?

    try using some sort of moisturizing, hypoallergenic (or at least no dyes/perfumes) body wash and possibly aloe gel on it. if it doesn't go away in another week, go to the doctor. it's probably something pretty minor, but it could be anything.

    if you've been working out or sweating a lot, it could be a yeast infection (they can occur anywhere moist.)

    but don't freak about what those people were saying about HIV or Herpes. pretty much every disease has very minor beginning symptoms, and while it COULD be any number of things, chances are, it's something easily remedied.

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  • Funny comments and 'flame war' baits aside, I'd suggest you seek medical help. It's probably nothing you should worry about but it could get serious - or at least embarrassing - if you elect not to see a doctor.

    From the top of my head two things come to mind:
    - and;


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  • You may have cut your anus with a hard turd. (seriously) one of my girlfriends has this problem and she started taking stool softners and it cleared it right up. Of course you do need to always make sure to wipe and clean that area well. Baby powder and hemorrhoid cream can curb the itching as well.

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  • guys carm it you have worms thats all.

    basically its when one of your stomach worms is digested and tickles your anul area.

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  • try rubbing some tiger balm on it...?????

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  • yes all of what Jan and The Big Wanker said...if it doesn't go away they can check to see if it is anything hemorrhoids or parasites.

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    • Look, excuse me for being so bold BUT, no way you should leave it. If it is nothing then I'll be happy for them BUT if it is "something" then the sooner it is diagnosed and treatment started, the better. You CANNOT leave these things too long and already we are talking 1 week!!!

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  • HSV-1 AND HSV-2, Herpes lesions often start as numbness, tingling or ITCHING. This feeling indicates it is traveling up the nerve to the skin. There it causes small, inflamed and fluid filled blisters. These burst and crust over. (Similar to cold sores which are in effect another form of herpes).
    I am not saying this is what you have but I would seriously advise a full sexual health check up.

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  • no it's not

    you have HIV

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