It takes me more than half an hour to shave my pubic area

I typically used to just trim it with basic hair clippers, without a guard, but this summer I started shaving in the shower – the pubic area along with the base of my penis (including the upper part of my ballsack – the normally visible part below my dick). Wanted to try a smooth feeling. I imagined it shall be easy being all within my sight range and the pubic area comparatively flat. Turned out a huge delusion.
It takes me at least half an hour every time, and as much careful I try to be, every other time there are 1-2 cuts (different places each time, so no specific pattern) and when there aren’t, then it’s razor burn. Right now I’m having it.
I start going with the grain, then across, then against since I really want it smooth, what’s the purpose of shaving otherwise? I can get less prickly clipper-trimming..
I use quality shaving gel and cheapest disposable razors like this:,33
Technically, they’re sold under another brand name here but look exactly the same.
You may ask why not go for a better razor. Well, Idk how much it has to do with that. On first 2-3 uses of these when they’re still sharp I get cut. And then when it’s blunt I have to stroke again and again getting razor-burned and barely managing to get it smooth on touch. I’ve heard of ppl using basic disposable razors that seem to do the job for them..
By the way, looking up the razor market I was surprised to see it’s totally gender-divided. Razors targeted at men all have an angular frame that’s not suitable for body curves. And all the body razors are sold as ‘women razors’ with brand names like Venus or Miss Soleil. It’s only Wilkinson sword thay do not have a women’s series name but their come in pink package. And I’ll be really uncomfortable showing up with any of these at the counter.. So what about men who would like to shave their body..? I wonder how do others even do it.
Now, what I’m experiencing is definitely not right and I’m planning to quit when the last razor from the package gets wasted. Go back to trimming as much as I’d prefer being smooth. Once I heard a group of ppl on the beach talking about a friend of theirs missing lunch to shave his legs. That must be some half an hour and they were making fun of his sacrifice but legs are much larger area. So if I was to also shave my legs and ass and rest of private parts it would take me probably 5 hours!! Maybe I’m just clueless. I read articles about genital shaving and they didn’t help at all.
Can you cool ppl share some tips and personal experience on the matter?

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  • Don't shave, go back to trimming, or use wax, cream, or laser, to remove the hair. Shaving will just make it grow back faster, thicker, and stiffer. It's the difference of petting a smooth long hair kitty or a porcupine. Once you start if you do it for very long you'll end up with what guys call 5 o clock shadow. You need to shave every other or few days and your panties/underwear will irritate the heck out of you.

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  • If you're gonna shave your body, it's better to do parts daily, like one day you can do your legs, another chest and arms, another you can do your torso and groin

    I use Gillette razors, which despite them being angular a lot of women also use for their shaving

    Now with your privates, it's just trial and error, and the better you can read your environment the easier it will be to learn. Hair will grow back fast, and it gets prickly as it does

    Legs and arms are probably the easiest to shave, probably 20 minutes, and after the first pass you just need to check for spots you missed, although the back of the thighs are tricky to get at if you're new and so are the outer parts of your arms above the elbow

    Having hydrated and moisturized skin reduces razor burn and makes it easier to shave, so always after shaving and after a shower you'll want to apply lotion and maybe even try some tea tree oil body wash or whatever works best for your skin

    Also, pushing down too hard, or even at all, can cause razor burn and cuts. One trick to shaving is to just let the razor glide over the hair

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  • Not gonna lie I didn’t read all that, but it takes as long as it takes. I’m hairy as fuck and have learned the hard way not to rush such things.

    Controversial opinion but shaving is over-rated anyway and if you just let it grow you might like it.

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