It's normal to be a do-gooder

A do-gooder can do what they like, but that doesn't mean I don't demand, I will bloody well demand in order to get my way! Everyone knows I dictate people, everyone knows that if they're in my house they can't resist my orders, I'm strong, although Tom doesn't know it, I'm still trying to be a man, it's not as simple as the following 4 rules, for a man in order to be a man is required literally to have qualities appropriate to a man, as follows, 1. fortitude, 2. resolution, 3. indomitable will, and 4. never shirk from the rough work that always needs to be done, also to be a man I'm required to watch manly films and shows, to have virility (virility isn't all there is), to be confident and secure in myself, to take things like a man, to smoke a cigar, or to smoke a cigar and play snooker and drink a man's drink (for me that's wine), and to drink a man's drink (for me that's wine), that sort of thing, and I started trying to be a results maker. I felt one tiny correction was needed to retain my old morals, get results done and simplify my morality, one is chivalry, two is egocentricity, three is giving succour to widows and orphans, four is obeying all the state's laws, and five is industria, "industriousness": hard work, which is a Roman virtue, it's as simple as that, but besides my 4 other moral rules egocentricity literally means everything, and I pretty much mean everything: looking after yourself, self-reliance, prudence, gaining an advantage, caring about your needs, your activities, your desires, and being selfish. No, it's not as simple as just selfishness, egocentricity is an extreme selfishness, but I'm not extremely selfish, I'm a do-gooder in a different way: a reformer, I reformed my morals (a return to some of the old morals) and I'm not about to anymore correct it, I'm sticking to it. It's pointless if I'm a solipsist gaining my morals from philosophy and not morals, I gain them from morals because proper morality, real morality is a set of rules, it's not the aesthetic, pleasurable behaviour which may look attractive to you, what's morally attractive may not be aesthetically attractive. Pleasure is bad, as I soon found out the hard way, pleasure gets you a spanking. Yes you can be evil if you want, but your friends at best will be evil with you and like you. However friends are simply those supporters of you, they're evil like you to support you, to stand for your friendship. What won't stand is an evil bastard humiliating me, sure I can play the doctors with unsystematic protests against medicine, but you thinking if I stop fighting they'll leave me alone, no, they won't leave me alone, it's a breach of morals, and I don't think weird medicine given to a genius is normal!

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