It is normal to not complete most games?

I complete the main quest on most games. But if to complete it involves grinding, tedious sidequests or just filler recycled content I won't bother.

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  • I don't even complete the main story, so you get a lot further than I do.

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  • Games have to be an actual challenge to the end for me to finish them. Not just completing various tasks.

    I quickly get bored if I see repeated materials that's there as a filler.

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  • I once tried to complete the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After having played the game for over 80 hours on one save file, I got bored and quit. Honestly, if I were to try to do that again, I would start over.

    The sad thing is, though, there were likely only around 5-10 hours of content left in the game; I was almost done.

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