It is normal i’m in no way motivated to work out?

Ok so I am a female, and I’m about 5’2 and a little over 200 poiunds. Basically I’m overweight. I have met a lot of people , friends who were overweight and have joined gyms and have lost a lot of weight and every time I try to go to the gym I last maybe a month or two and then give up. I’m completely unmotivated. I try so hard to remain motivated and set goals and after awhile I become seriously discouraged and just give in. It’s been going on for years, I haven’t gained any weight or lost I’ve been the same weight for a few years now and just recently found out that I went down a pants size. I joined a Weight Watchers program and want to see if it will help. I’m also highly sensitive to anything that has to do with weight if I see anyone smaller I become so disappointed in myself but I never speak up or complain considering I have the ability to change I just give in and I don’t know why. I liked someone and he liked my friend and why? Because she is of a smaller frame and she has a nice physique and that literally broke me and I hate how sensitive I am about it. Is it normal to be so sensitive and discouraged? Is there a way I can really push myself to go through this weight loss journey?

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  • Maybe you could find a hobby that keeps you in shape. I like boxing so that keeps me in shape without feeling like im working out.

    Also you could get a treadmill or stationary bike and can watch TV while you workout. You dont even have to leave your house

    Some preworkouts give you motivation too

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  • Happy is healthy.

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  • First, yes, it is normal to be discouraged and sensitive about things that overwhelm us.

    My advice would be to learn to live with your body the way it is.
    Hear me out...

    Losing weight is a long, grueling journey. If you are not motivated to do then work, it just isn't going to happen.

    Also, if it is your love life you are worried about, you are likely thinking, "If I lost weight, it would be better". Not necessarily. The only time men are picky about who they will date or even marry is if it's one of the rare men who has women approaching him. Women hold most of the cards when it comes to romance.
    The only time a woman can't get dates is if she is particularly ugly or obscenely obese. 200 pounds is nothing. I do not know what you look like but I imagine you are early 20's and probably cute, the kind of woman that many men (even some quality men) would kill to have as a lover/partner.

    ONE other thing - we all ave flaws. Of course when things do not go our way,we automatically think it is because of said flaws.

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    • I turn 20 this year, and this comment helped so much, I appreciate it. It is particularly my love life and I am also picky because it’s not like I don’t get any attention I actually get a lot tbh but they just are not my type. The person I was into, he does have a lot of women approaching him has never dated anyone and is extremely picky with anyone. There are times where I feel like I love myself and I’m learning to love who I am and then something happens and that all goes out the window.

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      • Usually the more choices someone has, the pickier they tend to be. So the fact that you have not just settled for the first man that came along proves that you know you are a good catch.

        One weird thing about the dating scene, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason as to who gets with who. There are theories and statements like "men only want supermodel types" or "women only want a rich man" but those types of couples are rare. Why do some good men date complete bitches? Why do some women date assholes? How come sometimes a bitch dates an asshole or maybe the nice guy dates the "girl next door"?

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        • Wow you have some really good advice when it comes to this stuff I might have to keep in touch with you lol

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  • First of all, there's loads of fat people around these days so I bet at 200lbs you don't even look that big. Standards have changed. There are so many people who are waaaaaay bigger than you are. I see them every day.

    Also don't worry too much about the gym. Sounds like this is what is turning you off the whole weight loss thing. You should be exercising, obviously, but this doesn't need to be a gym work out. It can just be going for a walk or vigorous cleaning. Anyway, diet is much more important than exercise when you have a lot of weight to lose. So if weight watchers means you consume a lot less calories then it will work. Just give it some time.

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