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Is it normal that I've always loved having sex with women right after a really hard workout and they're super sweaty and tired? Also, it always ended up as great sex for us.

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  • Definitely normal, i personally love being with gf after she gets home from the gym all sweaty and breathless lol

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  • Its much better when a girl was working out and is sweaty

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  • It's pretty normal, although the bigger half are more normal than that. If you're not an ultranormal the ultranormals will bully you by outshining your normality, being more average than you. It's only as easy as the years of struggle into your normality and making people like it. You can't make people like you, they might still hate you, making them like you means a pain in the rectosaurus to please other people. Women and sex is so ironic, by "attracting" women with a love heart by surprising her with it, or trying to "impress" her with a nerdy adult look and a lab coat, women will scream at you, but if you're flexing, working out and gaining muscle it's so much more fun on your part for women. 🙂

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  • this a question or an "accidental" brag?

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