It is lying to change your mind

It always annoys me when someone tells me something and later tells me something that contridicts the first thing they said.
I never do that and even if I do change my mind I will do what I said anyway because I have principles.
Most people don't have a problems with lying by making plans or agreements and then backing out.

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  • It depends.

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  • Doing and saying things to hold up what you said earlier, even if you changed your mind? Well now that seems the lesser crime. Lying to yourself is often better than outright lying to others unless you are in a relationship.

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  • It's not lying but it might be flakey but you never know really what is going on for people that they had to change their plans. They could have things happening for them that they don't feel comfortable telling you. I have a friend who cancels a lot because she has social anxiety

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  • Well, yes and no.

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