It feels weird to sell things on ebay for the first time, iin?

I have been using eBay for a few years, it's my first time actually selling something and I am still new to packaging the product and selling it over to people. At first it was strange to me even though my brother was teaching me the basics of selling things on eBay.

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  • I think anything new feels a little weird when you first get started.

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  • Sold 2 items in my entire life since joining in 2010, it brings about some anxiety and a need for perfectionism so you meet the standards, it's just a feeling though and as you get used to it, will lessen with experience.

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  • I've been on eBay for 8 years now and have never sold anything (I'm also a pack rat and likely never will; convincing me to get rid of anything is like pulling teeth). I'm definitely an experienced buyer, however. I have thought that it would feel weird to be on the other end selling things!

    I did donate some of my clothes to a family in my old community who lost everything in a house fire earlier this year and mailed them, so had to box it up and ship it, which was definitely a new experience.

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  • I buy so much crap on ebay. It's always interesting to see how some people will wrap things up to ship. Have gotten some funky looking packages.

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  • You'll get used to it dude dw :) I sell quite a lot of stuff on ebay it becomes quite fun after you get over that initial stage.

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