Isn't turning a blind eye to child marriage and honor killings racist?

In a lot of places, but especially in England, people turn a blind eye to things like child marriages and honor killings because they don't want to be "disrespectful" of another culture or feel as though it's unfair to hold Middle Eastern Muslims to the same standard as locals

Do people who support that stupidity not understand how immensely racist it is to assert that it's "unfair" to hold Middle Easterners to the same impossibly high standards that whites are held to, like don't honor kill your daughter for being raped? Do they genuinely not understand that, by defending the marriage and subsequent rape of children to adult men, they're essentially saying "well yeah, we know WHITE people can resist pedophilic tendencies, but to ask Middle Easterners to not fucking rape a child would be racist!"

And these stupid fuckers are the kinds of assholes that accuse everybody else of being racist

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