Is this wrong?

I have a cat who I love very very much, but we got her from my great aunt when she died. When we got the cat she was 12, now she's around 14/15. I've never really cared for cats if I'm honest. They seem to just put up with their owners in a lot of cases and see them as moving food dispensers.

This cat is different and soooo loving though. Anyway, I was thinking of keeping some of her hair thn having her cloned when I'm older if I'm rich enough. I kind of think that will be like cheating though, and losing something precious which is getting to know this one cat for the short time I know and love her, and then letting her pass on. What do you think guys?

TLDR: want to clone my cat.

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  • Well to be brutally honest, a clone wouldn't have exactly the same personality and memories as the original so it wouldn't be the same person. Personality is shaped not only from genetics, but also from your upbringing. You could try to raise the clone in the exact same manner as you did with the original, to ensure that their personality would be as close as possible to the original's, but it would never be exactly the same. Of course, animal's personalities aren't as complex as humans's, so it may be much easier to achieve this with a cat. You might get it close enough that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference (or even that a professional animal behaviourist wouldn't be able to tell the difference), where as you'd probably never be able to do that with a human. There would still be a slight imperceptible difference, and so technically the cat still wouldn't be the same cat. Only the cats themselves would be able to tell the difference however. But even so, anytime your cloned cat would do something odd, you might get paranoid wondering if that's something that your original cat would do. You could start to obsess over it and it could be really unhealthy and upsetting for you. Where as if you just got a new cat then you'd accept from the start that it's not your old cat, it's a different cat with an entirely different personality.

    I know how difficult it is to lose a pet. In fact, I relate to this so much because I actually kept some of my dog's hair for the exact same reason (I've long since given up on the idea now, but I do still have her hair). I couldn't bear to lose her, so I also thought of cloning her to "bring her back to life" as I thought it. But once I came to accept that she was gone and it didn't hurt as much, I realised I was only fooling myself into thinking that cloning would bring her back. I knew even back then that it would just create a very similar dog.

    I think you should just cherish every moment you're lucky to have with your cat and then try to accept it and move on when the time does come.

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  • it's much cheaper to put her in a good quality freezer bag after she passes and then you can visit with here anytime you want. You will even be able to pet her, well don't pet her for very long, because you do NOT want her to start thawing out. that stinks

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  • Of course they seem that way, they’re predatory. It’s somewhat silly we even have pet cats, I mean they will straight up eat their owners if they die. “Oh you’re dead, now I’ll turn you into food and then shit” is all it actually thinks.

    They kill their own kittens not always out of necessity, but often just for annoying them, which is unnatural even in the animal world. We fucked up a lot of their evolution and bred an animal with the mentality and false charm of a serial killer. We put bells on them for shits sake, just to warn other animals that it is actively trying to murder for fun rather than food.

    But all that aside, I don’t really think there’s a point in cloning them even if you could. Cloning doesn’t replicate the same personality of the original, and there’s plenty of cats that look the same as yours you could get. Just seems like a bit redundant. I’ve now also just talked myself out of getting a pet cat.

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  • I can't be bothered to do the necessary Googling to find the details, but I'm sure I've heard of companies (in China, maybe) who will clone dogs. Not sure about cats.

    However, I'm not sure if you saving the cat's fur would help you with this. Lots of people assume that any hair sample contains DNA, and I've seen numerous depictions in movies in shows of DNA being extracted from snipped hair. That's simply not possible, since hair - and fur - is just dead keratin fibres. The only place DNA can be found on a hair is in the follicle (aka root). I've seen an awful lot of shed cat fur in my decades of living with a succession of the beasts, and I have to admit that I've never examined it really closely, but I'm not sure if there are follicles attached to shed cat fur.

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  • If I found a hoarded wad of cat hair, I’d be repulsed.

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