Is this the right thing to do?

this is less of asking if something is normal and more asking for advice

the long story short is i fucked up things with a friend of mine. stupid reasons i now regret and realize that i was the one in the wrong. so i wanted to apologize to him, and try to give some closure and put both of our demons to rest. but i’m blocked on discord, so i can’t message him. i can only edit messages(which i did, the last message i sent i edited to make my apology).. and i doubt he’s looking back at our chat. would it be wrong of me, or weird, to contact him somewhere else i’m not blocked to tell him to read it?

genuine advice only please, i just want to know what the right thing to do is.

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  • Apologize. It will help you both, and don't tell him to go read old messages you edited. Maybe do something apology card, handwritten and mailed the old way, perhaps? Or a telephone call? At the very least, send a new e-mail or message. You want to make it sincere, right?

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  • I wouldn't see anything wrong with that, it's not like you're trying to find other ways to contact him so that you can insult him or something. It's an apology.

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