Is this terrible? is suicide the only choice now?

A new food truck opened down the street. I went to it. Im getting my order and I have a somewhat lengthy conversation with the owner. I mention I live nearby. He says where. I told him he said "i live on that street too".

As soon as he said that a lightbulb went off in my head. I looked at the food truck and immediately blurted out "Last house on the left!? I tried to get in this thing one time a dog was chasing me!" And there was a deep awkward pause. He silently stared into my soul. Definitely suspecting me of being a thief who probably tried to steal from him. Then I tried to rebond but managed to dig myself a deeper hole. "This wasnt a food truck tho wasnt it like storage or something?" I felt so fuckin scummy I immediately said after that "alright ernesto it was nice to meet you see you around." And quickly got out of his sight.

The fucked up thing is this was true. I actually was jogging and got chased by a vicious pitbull right by his house and his foodtruck thing was the only shelter around. I attempted to get in but failed and then I climbed into a nearby truck. I am like legally socially retarded. My socisl skills are autistic level at best. But even for my standards this one is bad. Is it that bad or am I overeacting?

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