Is this really weird

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 months, so our relationship is relatively new. I’m eighteen, he’s nearly twenty two and it has been soooo good! I’ve always known he was really committed to our relationship, he’s extremely loyal (well, I hope) and serious about us. He always talks about us getting married and stuff but I’ve been with a lot of guys who say that in the moment without any thought. But he texted me something that kinda freaked me out! He said “I know you’re a few years younger so are you sure you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with me? I know it’s a lot to ask but I’m sure I want to spend it with you”
Like !!!!! I love him so much but who knows what could happen, I’m still so young!

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  • Getting married is not something to take lightly dude take it from me. Met my wife at 19, im 29 now and we're in the process of separating , with a kid in mix so things are complete shit. My advice/ warning is to wait maybe 15-20 years ,if you can make that work maybe you can make marriage work. I will say i would do it all again, but im a sap who loves his wife who doesnt love him

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  • It's good to know you two are committed to each other, but it's probably worthwhile to wait more time before getting engaged and married. You're both pretty young, and your relationship still being relatively new. It's probably good to wait a bit more. Maybe you two could try moving in together, see how things go when you two are in close quarters? Or try to see how you guys communicate with various stressors, and if you both feel comfortable with how you interact in times of trouble?

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  • Ya'll need to slow ya'll's roll. Chill out.

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