Is this pain normal?

Several weeks ago I noticed a stinging pain in my inner thigh. I didn't think anything of it as I regularly bike several miles a day and thought maybe I had just strained a muscle. I spent a week of downtime to ensure I had let it heal properly but the pain subsisted anyhow.
What worries me that even though I've lowered my activities substantially (Only doing the necessary movements for work.) and the pain has grown worse over time.

It's a burning, stinging pain that fades in and out as time progresses. I have scoliosis so there is a chance it's sciatic nerve pain but I suppose I'm just worried as I'm quite young for sciatica. And yes, I am going to a doctor. I would just like your opinions.

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  • random muscle pasms or pain can happen, but when irregular pain subsits for long periods its usually not normal.

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  • No, the fact that the pain isn't going away with less activity indicates that it's a deeper issue.

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  • I believe sciatica is normally felt along the back of the thigh. I had an episode of sciatica in my late thirties (absolutely no idea why), and that's where I felt it. It was bloody uncomfortable, and the only thing that gave some temporary relief was heat.

    Any pain that persists for more than a couple of weeks should obviously be discussed with a doctor.

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    • You probably had a bulging disk. My doctor told me most people who get them it goes away on its own like 80%+ get better in 5 years. I think he even said the majority of people will get one in their lifetime. Sometimes you dont even notice it.

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  • Make sure you’re stretching regularly and staying hydrated.

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  • Sounds like sciatica. Glad you're going to the doctor.

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  • Does it feel deep in your leg? When I had sciatica id try to massage it with one hand but it was too deep to feel any relief. You can almost tell when it is the nerve because if feels so deep within the leg.

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  • Any pain doesn't sound normal.

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