Is this not a test from the manager?

I went to an interview and after that, I was told I cannot get the job as an IT support but I can get that of a cleaner and they will offer the same salary, isn`t that a test for me?

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  • Depends on how desperate you are and what the job market's like. Job interviews aren't the place for giving in to that sort of request out of 'selflessness' - they're negotiating tables where you need to come out with either something you're ok with, or nothing at all (if you can afford for that to happen). This is your life and your time that you're going to give them so they need to pass muster with you as much as you need to with them. The interviewer is NOT your manager until you give him permission to be your manager. The ball is in your court.

    If your experience is in IT support and you can afford to walk away without a job this time, don't go into cleaning, because you'll be spending a large part of your life doing something that's not in line with your career goals and you'll have to put it on your resume when you could be putting an IT job from a different company on it instead.

    Remember that until that contract is signed, your prospective manager has no authority over you and the interview is a business negotiation between equals with potentially compatible interests. That's my advice.

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  • Id take it until you find another IT job. I dont think thats a test.

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  • Sounds like a test, a stupid one.

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  • That's odd. But if the money is right and you need a job, take it.

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  • They are either under-paying their IT Support or over-paying their cleaners. Doesn't sound like a test, I have been offered another job when I went in for an interview but usually same skill level.

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