Is this normal for a mom to do

For one thing, I am a 24 year old girl. I have a full time job, and a bachelor's in psychology.

Whenever I try to go on a date with a guy, my mom goes really berserk. She says I can't go and usually it ends up in a really big argument. She says one day I will be kidnapped because I am meeting "online predators" and that I'm going to be sold in the sex slave market. I feel like she's treating me like I'm a 16 year old.

In my defense, I talked to the guy for a good month AT LEAST before I even ask to meet him. I usually have a skype session too.

I have dated a few guys but I have had to really REALLY convince her as to why I can go.

I feel like I missed a lot of friendship or dating opportunities.

I do have my own car but she feels the need to tell me where I can and cannot go.

Is this normal behavior? I feel like it's not but she says it is????

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  • How about you use that full time job to get your own place and live by your own rules? It's the next step into maturity by being independent. Then you can date whoever you want.

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    • I would live on my own but my salary isn't enough

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    • "my house my rules" is a valid argument in this situation. It doesn't mean cunt behavior isn't inappropriate and cunty. Then the parents will wonder why they're put in a cheap nursing home and nobody comes and visits them or gives a crap about them anymore when they're old and sick. Being a bitch to your kids into their adulthood is a good way to wind up dying alone, just saying.

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      • Adulthood isn't something magical at 18. She moves out and makes it on her own, even her mom will stop babying her so much. I'm not sure how you got 'cunty' out of 'overprotective'.

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  • Being concerned about your safety if you're not taking appropriate precautions when meeting men off the internet is one thing, going beserk about it is another.

    Do you take precautions by the way? All you've said is that you wait a month before meeting up: that could just be giving a predator more time to groom you.

    However, why are you still living with her if you have a fulltime job and you don't like her interfering in your life? You're perpetuating childhood by staying there: get out on your own and then it's your life, your risks to take

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  • It sounds like that your Mother has a problem with men and sex and trust issues with you and men.
    Has she had men problems with men and herself in the past ?
    Was she treated as a sex slave { a piece of meat } in the past ?
    Is she single or divorced ?

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  • Not normal.

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  • You say you're a psychologist. What do YOU think? I think she is overprotective and she doesn't like you to be in control of your own life. Go out and live a little, without your mom.

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  • Tell her to eff off. If you allow a control freak to run your life they'll cling to every bit of control they can have. Do you have pictures of her wearing preferably little to no clothes?

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  • She's paranoid. You don't even need to wait before meeting them.

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