Is this normal? (my daughter)

I was in the penitentiary for 15.
(Released last year). And they were watching my daughter's porn. I've never been so disrespected in my life.... The things they were saying to me. Their jokes. There was one guy that sord of bullied me, my first two years. (And even he had a copy). Just like that, half my buddy's didn't wanna be see with me anymore. One morning (right after they gave us breakfast) we were sitting around watching TV. When someone thought it be funny for my girl to pop up on the screen. Sucking dick. And all I could do was
Stand there frozen. Listening to their howling, and whistling, and laughing... Take it from someone who knows. The only thing worst than finding out your girl does porn? Is (inmates) finding out! It was more than brutal! They had no heart at all! I even ate lunch by myself...
To make matters even worse? I think the one that did the TV prank, was one of the guards! Their the only ones with access to the TV's, DVDs... I felt like NOTHING!
On Christmas Eve, when it was lights out? I heard someone playing the video. (And didn't know who's cell it was coming from!). And there was nothing I could do.... And I'm sure they had their laugh. I wanted to die! I could have committed suicide. I knew they weren't gonna stop... on almost a daily basis, someone would crack cruel jokes about putting it in her mouth. And I wanted to rip my hair out!
I felt like the smallest man on the planet... They can watch my girl on her knees anytime. And had no problem reminding me.i can honestly tell you, I'll remember it for the rest of my life! Prison doesn't make sense! I would never do this to anyone! WTF?

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