Is this messed up

If you hadnt went to a boxing gym in years and was out of shape and wanted to get back into it and you say to your girlfriend hey hold these pads for me for a few days FOR ONLY just 5 minutes. They say no then you go spar at the gym and just get the shit beat out of you and you feel it's because you werent sharp because you hadnt been hitting the pads. Is that not kind of bullshit that your significant other cant help you with something so simple for 5 minutes a day? I get its not fun for some people to do but its 5 minutes. I would stand on my head for 5 minutes a day if it helped someone its just 5 minutes. Especially if they have nothing going on and you dont ask for much.

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  • Any gym worth its salt is going to start someone out of training and out of shape with introductory/beginner level training.... and work you up from there over time; and you don't get the shit beat out of you.

    Is it that your ego would not allow you to start over again and get back in shape and training. So you challenged someone who is in shape and training. Is that what happened? If so - you got what you deserved in my opinion.

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    • No, I boxed for a while and know them there at the gym. And I have been training at home but hadnt done the mitts which helps me set my feet better as I am punching. The heavy bag is good but can make you off balance if you do it too much.

      I told them I wanted light sparring they put me in there with someone a less experienced than me but he was just abit awkward and a southpaw. I definitely did not go in there cocky and say I wanted to take on their best guy. Ive learned that lessen long ago.

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  • Its not messed up. I can understand why your girlfriend wouldn't want her boyfriend swinging his fists in her direction even if it is with pads to practice sparring. You couldn't have asked a guy at the gym for help with this?

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  • People shouldn’t beat the shit out of you in sparing, duh.

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