Is this dream normal? and what could it mean?

I had a dream which there was someone that seamed familiar, but I couldn't just recognize then, and this person grabbed out a pocket knife and announced that they were going to cut my neck.
Then I (on the dream ofc) said that I indeed wanted to die, but not stabbed, not again, and I asked if the person couldn't use something like a gun.
IIN? And what could this dream possibly mean?

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  • Dreams are hella weird. Sometimes they mean something, and sometimes they don't.

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  • Very commin dream. That fuzzy person is your dark self, your self destructive side. But your rational self doesn't want to suffer. You'd prefer a quick, painless death. You need to explore this in depth.

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  • Dreams are just simulations your brain fabricates to get you prepped in the off chance that it happens in real life.

    Honestly my favorite nightmares are when I get chased. So many opportunities to change it into my favor.

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  • live your awake life

    thats the one you have control over

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  • Dreams mean nothing, don't bother with it.

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