Is this common or normal in modern day in your honest opinion?

This is a desire that has grown over several years since the age of 16 until now (i am 23 now). I wish i was born as a woman, preferably a very beautiful one who would easily be at least an 8/10 or, if it was possible to make a compromise for it to become reality, just your average girl who looks pretty but isn't necessarily physically gifted as i'd have several ways to make up for it. Now i do not suffer from any gender dysphoria nor do i consider myself trans. But there are multiple factors that are in play that have turned my mind this way.

I'll try to keep it as short as possible so here are some details i think matter. I was introduced to porn at a very young age, just a little before my puberty, yet i'd say i was awakened to my sexual desires and became aware of what sex is at that time and masturbated as well. While i was fascinated by sex and enjoyed many aspects of it, and having nearly free internet access making it easier for me, this turned out to not be something good for me.

Fast forward to age 16 where i, past the age i was hooked to multiplayer games but still enjoyed them and looked for more, decided to look up multiplayer sex games. The very first thought that came to mind was that, knowing i'm a guy and it's hard to get attention, i would play as a chick (and of course faked my age but that's honestly a lot of players in any adult game). It was then that i truly understood how much attention women draw to themselves and acting a little naughty (or even completely perverted) just made any man fixated on my female self which slowly began to affect the way i think.

After 2 years of doing this in games, chatrooms, social media i was addicted to being a woman. The huge attention i got, the endless lust and desire expressed for me, and all the super good emotions i felt from all the attention and praise. I simply saw myself as a woman in my mind whenever i logged in. Not an attention whore per se but i sure do love all of it. But moreover, i had mentally adopted the persona of most men's ideal woman: kind, sweet, submissive, yet funny, a little sassy and sarcastic but most importantly a complete pervert and is slutty. I tried to stop doing all this but i could not. Whenever i would feel too lonely or my mind not satisfied enough in terms of sex stuff, i ended up logging into one of my female accounts depending on what my mood was: a teenage girl, a housewife, a bachelorette, you name it. I could make up anything on the spot or just keep it consistent on certain platforms. Doing this turns me on beyond belief and i get lots of attention as well. Some do bust me but that's honestly 5 out of 1000.

I tried to stop several times but this was like a drug. It felt too good being an irresitible woman to anyone who chatted with me. And today i find myself conflicted about my own thoughts which i am 100% aware of. I have had gfs and i do have one currently but i believe part of the blame for my current state of mind is on my free access to the internet. Honestly none of this affects my everyday life. I have very healthy relationships with everyone and although shy and introverted at first with people irl, and even online as myself as a guy, i am beyond confident and charming when adopting my female persona and this is largely due to the fact that i have molded this personality according to what most men desire sexually: a slut. Now this statement comes with some ambiguity as men's desires vary. Some want true sluts, some want perverted girls who only fuck with one guy, a very small minority want a woman who is vanilla as hell and just have sex just to have kids or a form of bonding. The scale is pretty fluid. But we can all agree that most men want women they feel the maximum pleasure with and this is typically a woman who is perverted and/or slutty to a degree, or a woman who embraces her sexual desires and needs.

What's more is that we all know how women are said to live on easy mode. They mostly just have to be submissive, look pretty, be charming and sweet, and they can get almost any man they want to fuck. And the female body feels considerably more pleasure physically and emotionally in the right circumstances. All of this has led me to develop a desire.

I wish i was a woman so that i could have as much attention as i want and have fun with guys and never feel lonely. Live a comfortable life filled with pleasure, satisfaction, and fun. What you could interpret from this, and you would be right, is i wish i was a woman so i could be slutty and feel pleasure all the time. Money does not interest me although that would definitely be welcome even though sexually pleasing men and feeling good myself is my main desire. Seeing the power i have as a woman fills me with awe and i wish i could do what i consider is right. Many would agree that it is a sad life as a man and you barely get attention if you don't try extra hard. But i would bring joy to men if only i was a woman. They take care of me, i take care of them doublefold.

Yet despite all of this it is merely a strong desire which i will not let affect my normal life. I am fine being a straight man and it's a decent life for me. But by god would it be my ultimate satisfaction to be a woman.

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  • A fetish. You'll grow out of it.

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  • Though I don’t agree with everything you said in your post, I personally think that fantasizing about being a woman is normal. To me at least. I’ve often had fantasies about it, and have dreamt about it on multiple occasions.

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  • Sounds like AGP. Being a woman doesn't mean being submissive being "slutty 24/7" or any other facet of performative femininity it means being born female you nonce. No actual woman thinks the way you do. No woman "never feels lonely" or is completely satisfied living life dependent on male approval. You have major Madonna/whore complex issues; simply, you don't see women as PEOPLE, and then have the audacity to say we "live on easy mode." You're simply a garden variety incel with an embarrassing fetish. YWNBAW

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  • Kind of relateable, I used to have an extra profile where I'd pretend to be a woman and I masturbate to the shit people wrote me. Eventually near-genuine connections were made and that's where I had to call it quits. Nevermind the fact that I was a minor back then.

    After a while I felt a massive shame and I felt like others were catching on. At this time I found this YouTube channel called Meme Analysis. Even though that channel has deteriorated a bit nowadays, it was like a wake-up to reality.

    It basically helped me detach myself from the internet for a long time and pick up several real-life social connections.

    I'm never going back to that old fetish-led lifestyle. Keep porn at (more than) an arms length.

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  • Not normal, but I think it's slightly common.

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  • Way, way too long to read, but from the gist of it you may want to transgender.

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