Is this a toxic work environment for a fresh architect?

(Excuse my grammar) i graduated with Bsc in Architecture about 11 months ago. After long, tiresome and sometimes hopeless search for a job i finally got a job 3 months ago in my current firm. Things seemed to be going well at first .. but not so long into the jouney my boss's behaviour started to change. He does not take my ideas even though i try my best to keep in terms of what our client requires. I don`t like the designs my boss produces. Small office of three so it gets boring. Office is disorganized, there is no schedule. 12 working hours a day , 7 days a week. I don't get paid for working overtime. Sometimes salary is delayed by a month. Repercussions: I don`t like going to the office , because the idea of going there depresses me. I don`t feel valued or motivated to do any work. I just work like a bot for 12 hours producing drawings on my computer. New things come up, so i learn but i don`t get excited. And most important , i`m not feeling fulfilled in terms of growing as a designer. Other things that bother me is uncertainty in work-life balance. So, i read a few other posts about quiting job (non architectural) without a backup plan. And mostly people say no, even my parents agree. I`m applying at other places , waiting for few replies. Came close to getting few freelance projects. So far have no backup plan. My boss prefers other coliques to me. Eventhough my work is better. He ALWAYS belittles my work. As a result i can actually feel my selfesteem dropping day by day. I do want to quit because i`m not happy at this firm. Can someone relate to this? And what do you suggest?

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