Is this a smaller community?

Sorry for the random post, but I recently joined and I'm pretty much seeing the same people commenting on here. Is it just that those people are more active or is this a small community?

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  • The more helpful people tend to post more

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  • There’s a small amount of regular commenters, and enough that comment every once in a while. I think a lot of posts and questions are made by one-timers or randoms who stumble in.

    Wouldn’t call it a community cause people cannibalizes each other on here lmfao
    But it’s entertaining if you like to know a little bit about the people and what they stand for to see how they react to certain things.

    This site is excellent for people who like it build “case files” on others. “Person thinks this way and believes in XYZ”

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  • It is small but not a clique.
    Unlike other small forums, we don't have a group who cram their noses up each others' asses and run off new people.
    There might be one but I have never noticed it.

    So, it doesn't matter if you been here a day or a decade, no one is really more popular than anyone else.

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  • No it's a cult.

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  • There is only 5 active users and 4 of them have 3 accounts.

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  • The P.C. ass hats wore out the regular folks.
    Theres still a few cool cats.
    But theres twice as many shitters.
    So, yea.
    Its become a smaller group.
    You can stand or fall as you please.

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  • The same miserable bunch of swamp cretins tend to comment on most posts. I’d say you’ll quickly learn who the crazies are but that’s most of the population. Welcome to the madhouse.

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