Is this a normal way to feel about a fictional character?

So when I was a preteen I was big into horror movies. If I saw that any were on tv, I would watch them (either in my bedroom or my basement, my family knew I was into them but it would’ve been pretty awkward watching them with them). I remember one day watching either Halloween 4 or 5 in my basement (I forget which one, it’s the one where she dressed a clown) and one scene that sort of stuck with me was when Michael Myers takes his mask off in front of her.

But here’s the somewhat weirder part. For some reason I felt an attachment to this character, and it wasn’t like when you’re a kid and you have a crush on another kid. For example, I used to like to pretend to interact with my favorite movie characters and have action adventures with them, and for some reason around this time I would pretend to be related to her (I can’t remember if I made her my cousin or sister, but I think it was one of those) and I pretended to protect her from Michael. It might have been because I have a sister named Jamie, but she’s older than me so idk.

But what was really mind blowing to me was when one day I google searched the actress’s name and found out she was the same age as I was when I saw these movies when these movies were made! And this whole time I thought she was younger! (I’ve always looked somewhat older so this actually happened with a number of child actors).

Edit: it was Halloween 5, she didn’t dress as a clown in that one.

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  • i dont understand a single thing u just said.

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  • I used to do the same thing and ecxept sometimes I'd try to be like a bad guy from a horror movie

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  • Edit: the original post mentioned Jamie Lloyd by name, but I didn’t think the question didn’t really make sense so I changed it, but reading through it it looks like I’m talking about some random character I didn’t bring up before. Hopefully that’s all clear now

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  • Yes, it's normal to identify with movie/TV characters who are a similar age to you when you watched the thing. I'm not sure why you needed to ask that but there you go.

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    • I know that, but I didn’t really relate to her. I guess I just enjoyed being a protector, and this actress did a very good job at acting scared, so I guess she just made a good character to be protective over.

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