Is there a way to get a fake mailing adress?

I am currently hiding from my insane mother who keeps threatening to kidnap me. She has diagnosed bipolar disorder, Hypothyroidism and a drinking and smoking problem. She became more irritable after she gave up smoking which she gave up because when I was 8 and brother 6 the school scared all the children with a severe anti smoking campaign and made us think our mother was going to die or have a hole in her throat. Later when I was older I realized maybe she was smoking to deal with her uncontrolled bipolorism and maybe me and my brother were bad people for making her stop. She always hated me since I was the eldest child and she had issues with her eldest sibling.

Recently my extended family has tried to contact me and said they miss me. I been avoiding them as I dont want to give away my location as my mother might find me and at this point she has caused me so much mental trauma I might have a mental break down seeing her again. I trying to figure out if there a way to get an adress in a different city and just picking up the mail there so that if they look at my adress I wont auctually live there.

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  • In the United States you can rent a Post Office box at either any US Post Office, and there are private companies that rent post office boxes as well.

    I have used these in the past when I did not want any mail to list my actual address for security reasons (I was being stalked by a guy who lost his job when the City closed the municipal power plant that I was the Superintendent for - and he made it very clear to the police that he was going to kill me: This was before the modern laws where the Police can take actions such as taking the guns away from someone making such threats).

    Technically, you have to identify your actual address to the Post Office or the private company. I actually did that for the 1st apartment I rented in the area. But I also moved frequently (like every several months for some years) and did not tell them about the address changes. I was actually living about 100 miles away when I finally closed that PO Box years later.

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