Is selling on ebay hard?

I have some games I want to get rid of and recoup money from. Either I sell them online, or I try to sell them to GameStop, who'll likely undercut me and sell to buyers for more money than I would anyway (not preferable for buyers).

The thing that stumps me a bit is the packaging and labeling. Do I do that, or do I give the item to the post office and have them do it? If I do it myself, should I print or hand-write labels? If print, how so, and onto what kind of paper?

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  • Nope amazon it better. I buy all my supplements, lifting gear and sex toys offa there. Haven't sold much tho.

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  • Game stop will practically rob you. If you sell, go with ebay.

    Try to package it well. Get packaging supplies from walmart or whatever store cause the post office charges way too much for their packaging supplies.

    For the label, maybe use a sharpie marker and write legibly.
    If it is convenient, you could print address labels and tape them to the package, but it is not that big a deal.

    Also do not forget in selling any items, you have to price competitively with other sellers. Ebay will take 10% of whatever it sells for.
    Of course there is shipping cost and cost to package...

    Honestly do some research to find out how profitable you might be, it may not even be worth it, depending on what kind of profit you make.

    I have sold on ebay so whatever questions, I will answer best I can.

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  • Presentation is key.

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