Is rectal prolapse normal when sucking out poo with shop-vac?

I push it in it pops out again how do you get it to stay in place

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  • Make sure they suction isn’t too strong or you’ll suck out your intestines.

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  • When i was young i brought my wife to a friends house and she had to go use the bathroom but she went in there and his toilet was full of poop and wouldnt flush. So she told him and he said "Oh hold on let me get that for you" and he grabbed his shop vac and sucked it out like it was the normal thing to do. I was so embarrassed.

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  • Lots and lots of ducktape.

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  • Maybe put honey on it, and push it back in?

    It might keep coming out for several times, but I did that for a couple of chickens who were having what it sounds like you're having, but after a while, their prolapsed vents stayed in.

    Maybe you should go to a doctor if you can afford it, though. Also, sucking poo out with that shop-vac likely isn't doing your body any favors.

    If you're constipated, using a medicinal laxative or castor oil to get things moving initially might be a better option.

    The root cause would likely be your diet, so I'd recommend incorporating more fiber, overall healthier foods, and drinking more water.

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  • You're going to be wearing a nappy (diaper) for the rest of your life if you keep that up

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  • Here's how.

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  • Staples and carpet tacks.

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