Is my Period late or just not coming

I'm only 15 with no boyfriend since im not having one anyways it hasn't come since November now it's December is it irregular right?

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  • My understanding is that without consistent sex with much older men, you'll probably lose your fertility, and thus will no longer ovulate or have periods.

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  • Lots of reason besides pregnancy that it may not happen or be irregular. If you want talk to you doctor but that's totally normal and reason to need for concern.

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  • Its irregular. It may become normal eventually. As stated above, many factors can lead to this. Medications are another likely possibility if you are taking anything or did recently, like antibiotics, etc. Colds and infections can even throw it off. No worries.

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  • Depends on some factors. Have you had sex? If yes, it's possible you're pregnant. If not, factors such as more exercise than usual and stress can cause it to be late. Your diet can contribute to it, too.

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  • You might be pregnant.

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