Is my grandma going mad? Cause she is making everyone crazy

My mom's mom lives in another country( thank god) she left before me or my sister were even born. She worked as a maid for a long time and has a huge deal about every single detail to be perfectly clean and in the place she thinks it should be. I understand the need for order and cleanliness...but having to spend all day every day this way gets really bad really fast. And if we do not spend our time enetertaining her wishes she gets mad like scary mad, screaming threatening getting violent cursing etc...the house we live in is hers and we're always scared we might end up without our home...she says she doesn't need to put the house on my mom's name but if she dies it might end up with my aunt who hates us...I am so tired of having to sit with grandma listening to her blabber about how she has this prophecy and how god chose her and how hugeeee of a saint she is and always being on our face about how she prays and talks to god and how we must listen to her at all costs...and with every visit she is more and more convinced how godly she is...even though she talks about her acting like a slut in her youth and her always being a big big drunk all her life...i feel like she is developing some big issues and after all she did I am no longer willing to take care of she perhaps going crazy? Am I?

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  • She sounds delusional but maybe you could look upon putting up with her ravings as payment for living in her house?

    How are you taking care of her if she lives in another country and only visits?

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    • I think she plans on moving here once she turns 70...I would move away at any given time if it weren't for my parents...letting us live here only happened so she could control us parents lived in her house almost 20 years and yet they might lose their home because of her beggining of mental still does not give her the right to treat us as her personal servants and scream and curse and call us names any time she feels like it

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      • Hey, it's HER house and no-one is keeping you & your parents there against your will! Try and cultivate a little empathy, she's not deteriorating mentally by choice and maybe it's genetic and you'll be exactly the same at her age.

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  • She probably has some sort of dementia.

    I really, truly loved my late paternal grandmother, but once towards the end there she said, "at least I still have my mind", and although I kept my cool I wanted to laugh so hard until I shit my pants! Crazy old people are funny.

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