Is my friend toxic? i can’t tell

I am getting so tired of a certain online user right now. For context and a backstory here it is-

I’m not one to tell people what to do ofc, but lately I’ve been catching my friend in lies. She was asking for advice about one of her friends and I just told her that the dude isn’t worth her time because he’s flirting with every single person in the server and has a friends with benefits thing going on while he swears up and down he’s “straight”. I just told her that he’s toxic and legit just gonna use her and what happens? He uses her and he totally friendzoned her. Time and time again she keeps telling me she’s over the dude and had unfriended him and blocked him. Lol, try to guess how many times that was false? I told her multiple times that I don’t want to be around her if he’s gonna be around because the dude was even in my DMs being fucking freaky and weird. But it’s all excuses with her she doesn’t want to get rid of said guy because she’s afraid of him talking shit about her or the whole “I see the good in people.” thing.

In fact the situation got so out of hand we argued and I almost committed suicide and thankfully I didn’t, but apparently she went ahead and harmed herself and everything and when it was too late she decides to drop the guy and apologize and I’m sitting here like - You told one of my friends that if I killed myself you wouldn’t care and all this because of a stupid dude that I tried to warn you about? Wtf is your problem? Oh and did I mention she’s always putting me aside and always forgetting about me?

I can literally go on and on about this user. I legit could
Problem is, I’m so blinded and hurt, I can’t even tell if she’s toxic or not…

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  • Jesus, where do I even begin?

    You're both stupid. She's stupid for bothering with some stupid guy on the internet that did not give a shit about her.

    And you? Lol, you're the dumbass for putting up with a dumb user on the internet. End the friendship (if you can even call it a "friendship") and move on.

    Problem solved!

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  • People who tell others who they can be friends with are always toxic.

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  • You're toxic

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  • Toxicity attracts toxicity. You'd be better off cutting her out of your life

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  • maybeh, I can not tell doe cuz 2 lung dawg :3

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  • Im not trying to make you feel worse, as you said youre suicidal, but maybe it will put things in perspective hearing it from a third person.

    You tried to kill yourself because of a friend you only know on the internet wouldnt quit talking to another guy yall only know on the internet.

    This is a very miniscule thing. If this upsets you this much Id argue you're searching for problems. You need to get out in the real world more.

    As far as her "boyfriend" it shouldnt be your business who she dates. Those are things you should stay out of. You can give her your opinion but cant tell her what to do.

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