Is my friend anorexic?

My friend was 5'3 155 pounds 2 months ago. She stepped on the scale at my house and my house is accurate because it matches the doctors. She stepped on it in a tank top and shorts and no socks so very accurate.

She was 155 now 2 months later she is looking a lot thinner won't tell me how she lost the weight she doesn't go to a gym..she barely leaves her house literally she works from home and barely leaves. Won't tell me how just says she ate healthy...

Shes now 125 pounds that's 20 pounds in 2 months. Does this seem like anorexia? I go out to eat with her once every weekend, she doesn't finish anything just eats a little then wraps up 75% of it saying she'll eat it later.

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  • If she's lost that much weight in that little time and won't tell you how she lost it, she's most likely harming herself by eating very little. She seems to be at a healthy weight now, but if she keeps doing what she's doing she's going to become underweight. You could express your concerns to her but she might not listen. You can't force her to eat either.

    The best thing you can do at this point is keep your scale away from her so she doesn't start to feel more insecure, and tell her "you need to eat more than that" if she tries to eat a tiny amount of food again.

    Remember that if she's hiding it from you she's probably not going to want to stop. And it's not your responsibility to save her health either, but as a friend it's the right thing to do. If she lives with her parents or guardians you need to tell them what's going on, and if she doesn't live with them all you can do is encourage her to seek professional help.

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  • She's on the underweight side, but not in anorexic territory.

    My wife was (and maybe still is) anorexic. She's a little shorter than your friend, but she was 40kg (88lbs) when we were dating.
    Now she's around 43kg - still very underweight. But whatever...

    My wife has a stupidly fast metabolism. She eats a lot more than me, but stays skinny. I don't eat bread, sweets, junk food and sugary drinks, yet I can't get bellow 100kg without serious diets and training... She eats like 2 grown men and still has a stomach that almost bends inwards - WTF...

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    • Not sure what charts you're going by, but 125lbs for 5'3" is by no means underweight.

      Depending on age and frame 125 is still overweight. Medium frame, age 25 to 40 it's in the weight class but still on the higher side. Now I know most of us today push that upper limit of the weight charts, but I'm fully aware of what the goal or optimum weight/height should be.

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