Is my crush talking bad about me?

Ok, so I had a crush on a girl for over a year now, I have known her longer than that though, last year in my junior year I was a little stalker like and went to places she would likely be. At one of those places, She and her friends were talking and they looked to my direction while I kept looking at my phone, then I walked away from that area and they started heading to it. Other times include when I pass her and her group and I look back and they look towards my direction, mainly twice. Another time includes me standing next to a door while her and her group were talking. She glances over in my direction then looks at her friends again. I then find my friend while walking towards them, before I pass them, they were looking at me and then my crush smiled waved at me and one of her friends smiled and said hi to me. Another time is when it was the first day of second semester, everyone was on the bleachers, including us, I was above her and her group of friends. One boy in her group looked up and then she did, smiled and waved at me. Sometimes in the halls their is a group of people, large or small that is between us, we would not look at each other or say hi. One time when I was talking to my friend she was walking towards my direction, after I said good bye to my friend, she was in front of me with a few other kids in between us, she either didn't notice me ignored because she went immediately into her class. When it was break, She was with her friend, I looked at her face, but she turned to her friend and talked to her. She passed me once when I was alone and see was with someone else, talking to him. A couple of times last year, she was with her friends, one time when we were warming up in P.E. I looked at her but she looked away, she made eye-contact with me but looked back at her friends, Most of the time in gym when she was right in front of me, she would just sit there quietly and not talk to me, and when I talked to her a few times, she gave me one word answers, she has passed me in the halls, noticed me, but not say anything when I was close to her, sometimes last year she was sitting and talking with her friends and she could have easily noticed me but didn't say hi to me. I have commented in P.E. while saying it to her and her friend, she looked away and said yeah while her friend responded with a smile and another comment. However, out of all this, there are positives, she has waved to me when I made eye-contact with her before, She has started a conversation with me about the rules for our P.E. games, sometimes she does smile and look at me when we talk in P.E.. She has smiled and waved at me last year many times. What do you make of this and what should I do in the future?

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  • Guys I told people how I felt about her and one of them thinks she’s a snob. I don’t know if she hasn’t talk to me that much because she is a snob or because She’s shy or not that social.

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  • It all really depends if this girl happens to know you, then yes, she may be talking about you. If she likes you she is definitely talking about you behind your back. It’s probably not all bad stuff. It is probably good stuff too. So don’t sweat it. If you like this girl, grow some confidence and ask her out. What is the worst thing that can happen? She rejects you and then your mind is clear on what she really thinks about you.

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  • It sounds like she really likes you too but she's too shy.

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  • I believe she likes you, it might just be that she is really shy. I'm a shy girl and i know when i'm talking to someone i like i'll look away from them sometimes or i'll reply with one worded answers, like she is to you.

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