Is my body odor normal?

I shower every night and put on deodorant afterward (because I saw on some website that that's what you're supposed to do) then when I wake up I put on more deodorant because I've started to smell again and 6 hours later I start smelling bad again. Is this normal? Like I thought it was my deodorant for a while so I've been switching deodorants when I can and I've tried so many from the deodorant/antiperspirant combo to the clinical kind and rn I'm on some all-natural stuff that worked for the first week or two but is giving me the same problem now.

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  • How often do you do laundry and shower? That's arguably more important than some deodorant to mask the scent.

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  • maybe it's a problem with the clothes. is your washing machine efficient with the program you are using?
    I had this problem: it came from the economy program of my washing machine! it took me 1 year to figure it out!

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  • Body Odor is typically a combination of diet, skin chemistry, and cleanliness.

    It sounds like you have the cleanliness down. Diet affects things, and skin chemistry can be affected by various "soaps" and other things you apply. Although diet is often more common of an issue with BO than skin chemistry.

    Antiperspirant "deodorants" tend to work best for these situations. A major issue is that a lot of companies have discontinued the antiperspirants because a "natural" deodorant is "better" for us (and the world).

    Of course, my previous antiperspirant deoderant lasted all day (often 16-20 hour days); and I'm being told to expect to reapply the replacement "natural" deodorant every 6-8 hours. That's tough to do when on the road. Am I to carry and change T-shirts as well? I actually believe that may be necessary, which really will mess up things.

    The fact that we "naturally" stink after number of hours when we work apparently is OK to people who don't have to do professional business presentations and make a good impression.

    I may be looking at other products soon.

    I wish you the best...

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    • Don't forget HYDRATION. The more water you drink, the more waste is channeled to your urine, which leaves skin chemistry more stable.

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  • I think it may be your diet. Especially if you are dehydrated alot.

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  • Try sure stick deodorant. It's been said that it's the most effective of all deodorants. It's all I use and I never have underarm odor.

    If you do some research on the causes of underarm odor, you'll see that it often starts in the colon believe it or not, which could be caused by a lack of magnesium in your diet or a lack of zinc.

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  • Don't think its fully normal but I did develop bad body odor on one of my previous jobs where I suddenly had to wake up early and didn't get enough sleep and my body didn't like that. Even though I showered every day and put on clean clothes and also washed myself in the morning, people would complain about my body odor until I told them I was already doing what I could. I could notice the bad smell myself also. I think bad smell all the time is a sign of bad health

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  • Shower in the morning rather than at night.

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  • One word. Nope.

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  • You need to train your nose instead of putting chemicals on your body.

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  • Do you have night sweats?

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