Is my bad reaction to weed normal?

So whenever I smoke weed, (now and then) it never goes well, and it can be the smallest amount but the same outcome happens. I get the normal high with the giggling and shit, but I also get super ill, I'll feel like throwing up really bad, I'll get super nauseous and even the smallest move makes me feel sick. (This is usually after the initial high). It really can be any amount. I also sometimes become super sensitive to noise and I can hear the electricity in the wall and I think I trip and hear incoherent voices as if they were outside. So, am I just a super lightweight or is this heavier? Ty ty

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  • You could just be hypersensitive to THC. It's not unheard of.

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  • this exact scenario happened to me a week ago. It was because i smoked too much keif though and i greened out. I did end up throwing up and i was so dizzy and the room was spinning and i had to lay down and rest.

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  • The type of reaction depends on your immune system response, which is sometimes unpredictable. In Europe this would be considered a rare allergy.

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  • yessss all of that is normal! I've had one or more of those reactions myself every single time I smoke strong bud. I've noticed when I smoked indica (body high) I have the best high. I don't do well with sativa strains (head high). My friend and I not knowingly smoked a huge blunt of Gorilla Glue & while I was high I seriously convinced that I was gonna die!!! lmfaooo

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  • Are you drinking a lot of alcohol, before you smoke the weed? Maybe you're allergic to weed? Maybe you have CHS?

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  • Everybody has a different reaction to pot I wouldn't stay you are abnormal.

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