Is life going to pass me by

I'm 21 and I feel so lost in life. Im in school and I work but I just feel like I don't have a plan for life any more. I've had to change so much from what I thought life would be like. I'm not in a panic about it yet. I feel like my life is stagnated and not going any place. It's just starting to get depressing is this normal to feel this way in life or should I be seeking some help

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  • You're focusing too much on work and school and plans and such, expecting that these things are going to give meaning to your life. They won't. Work is a way of generating income, nothing more, and school is just a conditioning process to prepare you for this. You should try travelling around, see new places and meet new people. Actually DO something.

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  • Do you want to have a plan for your life?

    Do you really know what you actually want?

    What were you expecting from life?

    Life is fluid & prone to change, adaptability is key. Everyone feels lost in different stages in their life, you just get on with it. I bet if you can speak to 100 people, 95 of them will tell you that their life didn't work out or isn't panning out as they expected it to be.

    If your life is stagnating there is only one person that can do something about it.

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  • As long as you learn HOW to educuate yourself in school you'll be ok.

    These days the workplace changes rapidly so as long as you embrace change, can adapt to different things and show the ability to learn as you go, the sky is the limit.

    If you don't have a passio , just try things and work hard til you find something you like. Very few people actually have a lifelong passion for something.

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  • Life will pass you by, that is what it dies to us all

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  • male or female?

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  • Where do lonely hearts go? Can they find their way home? I don't know. Some people like me never did.

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  • well i always feared it and I still fear it
    the thing is the more you're worried about that the more chance it has of happening because you become paralyzed

    Just live life and take your opportunities would be my advice.

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  • Run away

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