Is it wrong for me to enjoy extreme horror

I love extreme horror and my girlfriend says I am sick and twisted for enjoying it . She keeps telling me that there is something wrong with me because I enjoy the violent horror movies she finds to be sicking. I don't ask her to watch and I never even tell her about them . But she is losing her marbles over me enjoying them..

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  • I love horrors also splatters but depends, I dont like the free torture or pain and stuff so maybe is more about which kind of horrors?

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  • It's totally normal. I enjoy extreme horror too, especially Euro movies.

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  • She is a part of you and she's freaking the fuck out on what she sees: you'll have to make a choice. Her or those cheesy, fake ass horror movies you like so much. It's now become one or the other.

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    • Isn't that a ultimatum? It would be unwise to have ultimatums in life especially in relationships. They can talk over it and discuss why he likes and she doesn't, keeping their boundaries like actual adults.

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