Is it wrong?

I think that God is very flawed why look around evil seems to be the main thing that runs this planet starvation and misery is something that a lot of people face. Defects both physical and mental are everywhere as well as plagues and people lacking empathy to a lot of the pain that many people face. People believe that you are only of worth if you were born to a certain group be it tribe race religion or nation poor or wealthy. It depresses me that most people try to avoid the simple truth God is flawed he clearly didn't plan ahead and we are all suffering for it. Am I wrong for thinking that God is by far the most moronic deity around he honestly could have done a better job hell I think anyone on this world could do a better job if their heart truly wanted to fix this world.

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  • Life really is how you interpret it. Can be nothing but bliss and smiles, or pain and misery. Its all just in your head

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  • I dont think God is as friendly as preacher's like to think. In the bible God wants to be feared. He's vengeful. God wants you to obey him. So in that sense I could see why someone would say God is flawed. I wouldnt say that myself because I'm not worthy of judging God. He will judge me one day.

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    • But then preachers or whoever think we are suppose to love God and Jesus or whoever.
      It is simply not possible to love a vengeful tyrant.

      Of course a lot of people live a religious lifestyle but most surely do not believe in it. Just going through motions.

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  • I think most of the evil on the planet is from people abusing their free will.

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  • I personally don’t believe that god exists but if he did he can’t be all powerful and good and loving. Take Hell for instance. Hell doesn’t make sense if god is all loving and all good. God is just a tool to manipulate people. God is unneeded in this day and age.

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