Is it weird to run as soon as you finish in the bathroom when it's dark?

So, I was working at this resturant, cafe I mean. And, there was this break that we had between shifts. I always had this urge to use the restroom, and the restrooms were always pitch black, and cold. Similar to my middle school bathrooms, they were also sticky, and dirty. THE MIDDLE SCHOOL. BATHROOMS. UGH, I HATE THE SMELL, THE IDEA, THE THOUGHT.
Because of the darkness, and creepiness, I would usually wash my hands, and then go and run really fast, sometimes I would wipe my hands off on my pants. Help, I don't think this is normal...

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  • Weirdly I do it too wether the bathroom is dark or normal.

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  • I used to do that when I was a kid, but now the dark doesn't scare me whatsoever. Too many times have I had to walk home as a kid at night, or walk through the countryside at night to get home. Shoot one time i was doing acid and the cops came when i left my group to go pee, ended up having to run through the woods and i hid in a bush for an hour at 3 am. Lol so i guess i just got used to it. I personally feel like if you are scared that you can make shit happen. Like, im not afraid like others so ive never had a ghost like experience, even at places that are supposedly haunted.

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  • You were wise to run. Giant bacteria in the shape of aspergillus spears lurk in that fetid darkness. They hide amongst the giant splotches of festering mold and will creep out quickly in the cold darkness. They'll get you. Oh yes. Sooner or later they'll get you. Pleasant dreams tonight. Hoo Ha Ha!

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    • XD I like your sense of humour. Good thing, I wasn't sure if it was normal or not.

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