Is it weird that i think reincarnation is a thing

I am not really religious in any way but I think there is a lot more to what is and what isn't in this existence.

Sometimes I doubt that anything is real and that everything around us is like a dream.

Its hard to really put it into words but I also think that reincarnation is a possibility.

Not in the way that Buddhists or Hindus view it.

It doesn't matter if your good or evil rich or poor you always come back in a different social group.

An example I think that whites are the reincarnation of black slaves and blacks are the reincarnation of white slave owners.

I am not saying as it as karma kind of thing its like school.

You take each experience and learn form it and pass it on.

some people might have the slightest memories of it and some don't it depends.

You can come back as being a genius or a complete moron a good person or a evil one etc etc.

Its like a waiting period when you die and each time you come back you learn something new.

I don't think there is a level of ascendancy or anything its a never ending cycle.

If anything I'd rather believe in that rather then heaven or hell and that's for personal reasons.

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  • Keep dreaming. Reincarnation and life after death are both bogus.

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  • What about us, we never had to do with slaves.
    Lol, Then again, without reincarnation, there is no way that I could have gotten that far behind in life.

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    • I get what you mean I just used that as a example.

      It doesn't always have to be same.

      One could probably be born on the high social end in a majority of lives or bad social end a majority of times.

      Like I said not really sure if it is a thing but it could be a possibility.

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  • Listen. You seem to be suffering from Nihilistic delusion. You shoud've mentioned how old you are. You are most likely in your early twenties though, when you suffer from this. However, you need to see a doctor.
    Or, more importantly, socialize and make friends. That'll keep such thoughts away

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    • That could be it when I was young I haven't really had the best start in life.

      Had my dark moments questioned a lot of things.

      I'm social enough it just really doesn't mean much to me.

      Have done therapy plenty of times and sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn't.

      Might read up on nihilist delusion to understand what that means though.

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  • only if you think a soul is present and can survive death and a creator grants many lives. wouldn't people just hop around in reincarnation via suicide to arrive at a more comfortable place ? if you truly believe in it why are you not dead already?

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  • you watch too many movies, it confuses your mind to have so many references yet too little in-depth knowledge about those things

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