Is it weird that i sometimes eat little bits of my hamster's food?

My hamster is a fickle eater, but is pretty greedy. If it sees me picking up the food in its cage and eating it it would also start eating. Most of the hamster food is disgusting so I pretend to nibble on them to coerce my hamster to eat but my mum (who also loves playing with the hamster) buys it loads of snacks. Lately she bought these chocolate flavours hamster treats and I tried eating them before and they actually taste decent, I mean they are actually made of chocolate with cereal and other vitamins in it so it's kinda lit. They aren't harmful to eat by humans but they are obviously optimised for hamster consumption. My hamster doesn't like them very much and would much rather prefer honey coated peanuts, so would it be weird for me to finish the rest of it?

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  • Normal. I like dog biscuits and cat food.

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  • are you sure those are not hamster turds you are eating ? they look all chocolatity and are scattered about the cage.

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  • Uh, I guess that you can, just eat a little at a time and see a doctor immediately if you feel sick after eating it.

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  • Sure, I guess it's okay, but rats are sweeter than hamsters.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist, because ever time I turn around I hear about someone getting bit by a hamster. I had never actually held one so when I had a job at for a short time at Petsmart the manager that hired me let me hold a hamster. It bit me pretty quick, it wasn't a horrific experience, but rats, mice are so much sweeter.

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  • I've tasted my rabbit's treats, but I don't eat them as a snack. Probably not wise to consume them.

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  • Just dont eat to much of it..

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