Is it weird i like getting cat called?

so I am walking down the street and I get cat called instead of being angry I get a sense of pride and reassurance that I am beautiful and sexy. I have had body image problems my whole life but when someone cat calls me I feel happy that someone thinks I am hot and I know it makes me sound psychotic but it is like a confidant booster.

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  • Each to their own but most find it dehumanising rather than flattering.

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  • What I never understood about catcalling is do the people doing it actually think its gonna work? I remember one time me and some dude I knew were in my truck and he starts fuckin chirping at some girls like a bird. They just looked at him like he was retarded then he asked for a number or somethin and got ignored. But he kept doing it to other girls.

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    • As an avid birder he might have caught my attention. Depending on how good sounding his chirping is.

      Wait that's weird. Really weird.

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    • I’d say it’s 50/50. Half the guys that do it are actually taking the piss, it’s done as a joke. And the other half are fully delusional in the ways they try to pick up women lol. You’d have met plenty of both in your lines of work I’d think.

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  • That's indeed pretty pathetic and I've never had any doubt that those kind of people actually exist, but I think they're a minority.

    My stance wasn't exactly shaken by this post from an OP who is obviously a man pretending to be a woman, complete with constant, incel-like comments such as, "I am 18 and I can [sic] even think about how many I have eaten not much since covid but hopefully I will get back to it soon lmao."

    Topic: "How many cum loads have you eaten?"

    Isn't that right, OP?

    (And, no, I'm not saying OP is SaddleGoose [it's not] if what I was saying wasn't clear.)

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  • It's illegal in my country now, lmao. I see where you're coming from fully. I can also see why people wouldn't like it though.

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  • Have confidence in yourself!

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  • I would say it's a phase. You had body image problems, now you seem to like getting catcalled, but I am pretty sure your opinions about catcalling will get refined in the future as you gain more confidence and find more worthy people and friends to compliment you.

    Liking catcalling? Not normal. But given you previously had problems regarding your perception of yourself? More understandable.

    Try moving on from that phase. Find better people.

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  • take pride in that you were the 322 person they hollered at today, girl! Don't let it bring you down to know these guys call at everyone! You're special!

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  • illegal?

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  • So true

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