Is it true that muslim males can't wear red cloths

Red is my favorite color. I like to wear red cloths also the women with a red dress. But many people say that in Islam it is restricted for a man to wear red color cloths. Anyone attempting to do this will be a sinner even his prayer won't work with a red dress

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  • that' not true at all

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  • More human superstition.

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  • I'm a muslim myself raised in a religious household, my dad knows a lot about islam but he's not one of these overly restrictive parents. Anyways, no, absolutely not. I have no idea where you got that from, there's no hadith or verse in the quran that ever mentioned that, that i'm aware of. However you're not supposed to wear any color in silk or wear jewelry made out of pure gold. Also, make sure to wear shorts that don't expose your knees or thighs since it's immodest for a man to wear such a thing. Peace be upon you.

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