Is it totally normal to procrastinate because of external environment?

What I mean by my title is that, I tend to get very tardy every time my environment is somewhat bustling. For example, the place is so messed up with things scattered around on the floor and every thing is a mess. When things are disorganized, I observed myself and found out that I become unproductive with a disorganized environment. I know it's normal but I want to know your perspectives guys. Comment down below, let's talk about it.

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  • I'll give you an answer later.

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  • It sounds like you get overwhelmed by large or difficult tasks. Try to break things down into smaller, easier tasks instead of looking at the whole situation. Focus on one small thing at a time and eventually the big troubles will be gone.

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  • You took this long to post this? Come on mate!

    Seriosly though, it's possible to prcarasitinate for any reason you can find. Your environment is just one of the reasons you can find to justify pushing things back. Don't worry about it mate.

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  • How long did you procrastinate before actually making this post?

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