Is it rude or inconsiderate to disacknowledge well wishes?

For example, say I’m your cashier, and at the end of when I ring you up, you say “Have a Nice Rest of Your Day.?” Would it be considered rude or mean to just completely disregard or not even respond to you in anyway? What if I just were to walk away from you and ignored and showed no sign of interest? Would you think that would be rude or not normal to disregard or not acknowledge people who are just wishing you well?

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  • I always find excuses for people when stuff like that happens to stop myself taking it personally.
    Like oh they’re having a bad day
    Or maybe they just found out their dad has brain cancer
    Or maybe they’re hard on hearing
    Or maybe they have social anxiety
    And so on and so forth

    But yeah I think it’s nice when people are nice, have manners and social etiquette, yeah.

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  • I think that would be kinda rude but I try to give service workers the benefit of the doubt, since a lot of the time they're just busy with their jobs or something.

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  • It's nice. Not required to respond.

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  • The cashier is just doing their job, they dont have time or sometimes just dont hear you say it.

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  • its just normal throwaway discourse with some bein polite and some not

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  • No, it's not rude. Nobody is obligated to respond.

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  • Yes it would be rude to not address the person and say bye or thank you or whatever else. You dont want to just rudely walk away. Another thing that annoys me is when you say thank you and someone says "yep" or "mhm"

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    • Yes this! It seems like a very American thing. My father travelled there alot and that was his way of responding. Hated it. Always felt like a burden.

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  • I'd be hurt if someone ignored me when I said that

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