Is it right to get a girlfriend if you plan on it not lasting forever?

I want to lose my virginity, but I don't wanna lose it to just some random one-night-stand who wouldn't give a fuck that it's a special moment for me. So I'd want to get a caring girlfriend and then after a while to lose it to her. But I don't want my first relationship to be my last and only relationship in my life. Plus I want to have sex with lots more people after my first. Is it right though to enter into a relationship, basically planning on it not lasting more than a couple years. Normally people's first relationship would be when they're teenagers, and so they'd both know really that it won't last forever, so it's ok then. But I'm in my mid-20's, and any girlfriend I get might plan on their next relationship being the one that lasts forever.

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  • Oh come on, don't waste the time of a girl in her mid 20's if you are not serious.

    We are on a much tighter biological clock than men, so playing around with someone in her mid 20's,giving her false hopes is cruel.

    After 30 the dating scene becomes much harder for women and after 37 it is much harder for women to get kids.

    Virginity is such an unimportant thing, seriously.

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    • Well I'd make it clear early on in the relationship anyway that I don't want kids, so there'd be no problems there.

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  • Anyone who goes into a relationship expecting it to be "the one" right off the bat is delusional.

    That being said, I don't see the point of going into a relationship you see purely as short term. You can't predict what will happen during the relationship. But whatever.

    What about a FWB type thing?

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  • It's normal. Just don't be an asshole that gets a girlfriend, spends 3 years with her and suddenly goes: "You were a test, now I will go and have lots of sex, before settling down"

    I don't think losing your virginity is that special. You don't need a year-long relationship for it.

    I lost mine at 17 with a girl from my class. We dated for 3 months, split and had sex a few more times in the 12th grade, aged 18. She was hot and very skinny.

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